Recovery and Rehabilitation at Home: Supporting Healing After Hospitalization

Returning home after hospitalization can be a relief and a challenge, as patients need time and assistance to recover fully. Home healthcare services play a vital role in supporting recovery and rehabilitation after hospitalization as they offer professional medical and non-medical assistance in the comfort of patients’ homes.

Let’s talk about how home healthcare services help with recovery and rehabilitation at home.

#1 Skilled Medical Care

Home healthcare service providers receive training and certification in providing medical services. They ensure that the patient follows post-hospitalization instructions provided by their medical team. To support healing and recovery post-hospitalization, home caregivers offer services like medication management and wound care. They may also monitor the vital signs of an individual, preventing complications and ensuring that your medical conditions are adequately managed during your recovery process.

What’s more, they can also escort the patient to their follow-up appointments to ensure that they do not miss any follow-up appointments.

#2 Assistance with Personal Grooming

Personal grooming can be challenging after surgery, especially orthopedic surgery, due to physical limitations and discomfort. Pain, restricted movements, and the effect of anesthesia can make it difficult for the patient to perform their routine grooming tasks independently.

Home medical care services can offer assistance with personal grooming for patients with limited mobility after surgery. Home care service providers are trained to help patients with grooming tasks, such as bathing and showering, dressing, washing, shaving, brushing teeth, trimming, toileting, etc.

#3 Assistance with Mobility and Exercise

Exercise is a vital part of recovery and rehabilitation after surgery. That is why surgeons and physical therapists recommend certain at-home exercises post-hospitalization. Light exercises and physical activity prevent muscle atrophy, improve circulation, and promote healing.

Home healthcare services encourage patients to exercise and become mobile as soon as their healthcare provider permits. They also help them perform certain exercises recommended by their physiotherapist.

#4 Emotional Support

Recovering from an injury or surgery at home can be physically and emotionally taxing, and having compassionate caregivers can make a world of difference in patients’ well-being.

Home care providers listen to patient concerns and provide emotional comfort when needed. They also help them feel understood and supported and engage in conversation activities with them to promote their emotional well-being.

Since the post-hospitalization phase can evoke anxiety and fear, home medical care providers recognize the signs of emotional distress and inform their healthcare providers. To uplift the spirit of the patient, home care providers also help patients maintain social connections by assisting with video chats, phone calls, or arranging visits with social circles like family and friends.

Nutritional Care

Proper nutrition plays a crucial role in supporting the healing process after an illness or surgery. It provides our body with essential nutrients needed for immune function, tissue repair, energy production, and overall health.

Home care service providers ensure that patients receive appropriate and adequate nourishment to support their healing process and overall health. They plan and prepare patients’ meals according to their dietary needs, preferences, and medical conditions. They ensure that patients consume enough fluids or water throughout the day and have access to nutritious foods and ingredients.

They can also provide nutritional care through detox smoothies and vitamin regimens.

They can also provide nutritional care in the form of detox smoothies and vitamin regimens.

Home Health Care in Missoula or Bitterroot Valley, Montana

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