Non-medical Senior Care: What to Expect

When we live long into our senior years, physical health and mental function can still be vibrant. Yet, it’s important to know that non-medical senior care can assist our elderly loved ones with the tasks of everyday living as needed. Just a little non-medical help can optimize quality of life and facilitate excellent aging in place. Let’s look at what to expect from non-medical senior care.

Your Loved One Can Expect a Helping Hand

That’s what we offer at Angels in Guard. We tailor our services to fit individualized needs and life goals. Most people wish to live in the comfort, security, and familiarity of their own long-time homes. We make sure they are successful in that endeavor as we help with:

  • Light housekeeping to keep the home environment tidy and clean
  • Laundry
  • Personal care, such as bathing and dressing
  • Medication management (organizing medications and providing reminders)
  • Errands, such as grocery shopping, post office, and pharmacy pick-ups
  • Meal planning and cooking
  • Nutritional supervision and suggestions for vitamins and supplements
  • Companionship, games, hobbies, and fun outings

Fulfilling these non-medical needs helps seniors remain independent, forestalling or even avoiding the need to move into a loved one’s home or into an extended care facility. In other words, non-medical senior care is both a helpful and a hopeful solution for the many details involved in independent living within the community.

Your Loved One Can Expect Compassion and Peace of Mind

The finest non-medical senior care is delivered with compassion, and it gives both seniors and their loved ones much-needed and deserved peace of mind. The best non-medical caretakers work closely with the senior’s family as seniors anticipate their scheduled visits. Family members can go about jobs and home obligations knowing that their aged relative is safe, cared for, and happy.

This kind of peace of mind is facilitated on both the agency level and in one-on-one care in the home. Our care plans are mapped out in advance and adjusted as the need arises. Both the client and his or her significant others determine what services would best suit the individual’s needs and desires and at what interval they should be delivered.

Finally, our caregivers are medically trained and certified to offer the support seniors need. We help people who have been:

  • Acutely ill
  • Hospitalized
  • Injured
  • Disabled physically or mentally
  • Recovering from surgery

Also, the aging process can change how we move, think, and go about our daily routines. Our non-medical caregivers fill the gaps with cheerfulness, respect, and great heart.

Learn More About Non-medical Senior Care

At Angels in Guard Home Health Care, we help scores of people throughout Hamilton and Missoula, Montana, live fulfilling lives right at home. To learn more about how we can be of assistance, call us for an individualized consultation at (406) 880-2854. In addition, you can fill out our new client form so we can reach out to you. We look forward to helping your loved one with all their non-medical needs!