About Us

Angels in Guard provides high-quality, personalized care and assistance to those who need a little extra support in life. Our team of compassionate care takers believes everyone deserves to be treated with kindness, loyalty, respect, and dignity. We work with your family and medical support to ensure your loved one is taken care of both inside and outside of their home.

Our Angels are more than just care takers – they become family. As such, we keep your family and other supportive members up to date with your loved one’s needs and desires. In addition to assisting your loved one in completing daily tasks, we are here as a supportive companion to help them live life to the fullest. This includes taking trips, such as to the mountainside or spending a day shopping in the town – whatever brings joy and a smile to their face!

We are proud to provide our home care services to you or your loved one having difficulty with:

  • Illness
  • Injury
  • Surgical rehabilitation
  • Chronic disability
  • Cognitive disabilities
  • Natural processes of aging


Whether your loved one is in need of assistance in performing daily chores or they simply desire a companion to stick by their side throughout this journey of life, don’t hesitate to call one of our Angels in Guard.


To provide men and women of all ages and backgrounds with compassionate, high-quality care and companionship they can rely on.


We envision our Angels as the support you or your loved one needs to keep carrying on throughout life with confidence, companionship, positivity, and a zest for life.

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Meet Lisa Campbell

Lisa Campbell, the CEO, founder, and heart of Angels in Guard, has incorporated her strong faith and

family values into her home healthcare business. She is a mother of three, a grandmother of two, and a

fourth generation Montana native. Lisa is a photographer in her personal time. She often loads up her camera and camper and travels into the mountains.

Her love for our elderly started at just 11 years old when she helped care for a lady with Alzheimer’s. After attending three prestigious universities and earning multiple certifications, she started her career in the medical field, working at nursing homes and in home healthcare.

Lisa saw a need and a niche that needed to be filled – a need for personal, individualized care based on

each person’s unique needs. She firmly believes everyone deserves to be treated at home, like family by professional caregivers who become friends.